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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Thursday, October 15, 2020   /   by Austin Goodale

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hot!  Hot!  Hot!
October 2020

     What can we say?  Just like the record-setting summer we’ve been through, our local real estate market is Hot! Hot! Hot!  You thought maybe the pandemic would bring things to a halt?  Real estate would crash?  Nobody venturing out buying or selling homes?  Wrong-o!  The numbers show that home values have weathered the storm of the pandemic, so let’s MOVE past that idea! ????  (Call Austin & Lynn …. And Start Packing!)

     Seriously -- we have had a huge influx of buyers MOVING in from Chicago, California, Oregon, and New York, and they need homes!  At the same, time our local real estate market is short of homes available for sale, not enough to meet the demand, so prices are staying high, not likely to dip anytime soon. All of which makes it essential for anyone wanting to buy a home in today’s market, to have US on their side, representing them, to get the best home at the best price!    

     Which is why we’ve been so incredibly Busy Busy Busy helping so many nice folks sell and buy their homes – in fact, we were recently honored to be the JK Realty “Top Team” for 2 months in a row!  It is SO fulfilling to be able to help so many people achieve their dreams & make the MOVE they’ve been wanting to do. 
     And we are so grateful to YOU for the trust you place in us by sending us the names and numbers of anyone you know wanting to sell or buy a home, so we can help them, too.  We are committed to providing superior top-tier service to every client we help.  

     And not only that, but for every referral client we help, we contribute support to the House of Refuge, to help homeless families get back on their feet and MOVE up to a better life.     

     So if you, or anyone you know, is thinking of making a MOVE, call or text us with their name and number, so we can help them achieve THEIR goals! And tell them about the FREE real estate information guides and FREE Special Reports we have for them, just for the asking. We’re here for you!  Best to you and yours!  Enjoy your issue!
Warmest regards,
Austin & Lynn


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"Insider Tips For Healthy, Wealthy & Happy Living..."

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Free Things Online


      Don’t let social distancing take the fun out of entertainment! Though this year has meant much more time spent at home, you can still shop and access entertainment online. In fact, many of the things you already pay for you can now get for free.


  • Free video: Many people already stream premium services like Prime, Hulu and Netflix, but did you know there are a range of streaming apps for free? Also, if you have a Spotify music subscription you can get Hulu for free! Try these free streaming services:
  • Free games: Games can be expensive but there are plenty of free options available on almost all gaming devices (PC, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch). Search on your device for the following free games:
    • Star Wars: The Old Republic
    • Apex Legends
    • Call of Duty Warzone
    • Fortnite: Battle Royale
  • Free photo editing: Forget splurging on expensive photo software and instead try editing images for free with these apps:
  • Free disposable email: Many websites now need an email address to sign up for a discount, but after that, your account is inundated with emails. 10 Minute Mail allows you to sign up for an email that gives you enough time to confirm your subscription, get the offer code, and then delete the email address — saving you time having to unsubscribe and delete lots of unwanted emails. Access via 10minutemail.com.


In today's competitive home market, you need every advantage you can get, to find your dream home at the best possible price! Get started by having instant access to all of the tools, property information, and resources with our

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ord of the Month…

Studies have shown your income and wealth are directly related to the size and depth of your vocabulary. Here is this month’s word, so you can impress your friends (and maybe even fatten your wallet!)…


Digitize (dig-i-tize) verb


Meaning: To convert something into digital form 

Sample Sentence: The hospital digitized the x-rays, making them available to doctors virtually. 


5 Life Hacks

1. If your AC unit is smelling stale, tape a dryer sheet over it before turning it on.

2. Keep an emergency medical card in your wallet containing vital information like allergies, blood type, and emergency contacts.

3. Sick of your phone charger snapping at the end? Use a spring from an old pen and attach it to the end of the charger to keep it from bending.

4. Just home from the store but don’t want to wait hours for your drink to get cold? Wrap it with a wet paper towel and put it in the freezer. It’ll be ice cold in 15 minutes.

5. Concerned about leaving your valuables at the beach while you swim? Clean out an old lotion bottles and place your phone and keys in it, deterring thieves.


Why Don't Scientists Trust Atoms?

Because they make up everything! 


Does Sugar Cause Inflammation?

    Research shows that what we eat has a significant impact on our bodies. In particular, excess sugar is known to increase inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation can result a range of ailments and poor health outcomes, including depression, anxiety, aches and pains, low immunity, digestive issues, fatigue and insomnia, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s.
What is inflammation? In a nutshell, inflammation is the body’s response to foreign substances and is part of its defense mechanism. Chronic inflammation, however, can cause disease because the body is constantly on alert and stressed. Sugar increases inflammation in several ways including: weight gain, higher bad cholesterol, a more permeable gut (which allows bacteria and toxins into the bloodstream) and an increase in harmful inflammation markers.
Reducing sugar in your diet is linked to reducing inflammation. The problem is that sugar is in almost everything and a lot of the time we don’t even know it. It is in dressings, drinks, yogurt, snack bars, tea, alternative milks, supplements, cereal, and even health foods.
The Food and Drug Administration recommends that added sugar should account for less than 10 percent of your total daily calories. Here are some ways to cut out sugar in your diet and help reduce inflammation:


  • Read food and drink labels. Choose items that contain no added sugar
  • Ditch the sugar in your cupboards. Replace sugar with natural sweeteners like honey, agave, maple syrup, and stevia
  • Taste things before adding sugar. You might end up preferring food without the extra sweetener
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables over canned foods
    Swap soda for flavored water
  • Substitute sugar with applesauce in recipes
    Eat more fruit
  • Buy chocolate that is sweetened with stevia instead of sugar
  • Make your own desserts using naturally sweet foods like dates

Store Potatoes in the Fridge? Think Again!

Potatoes in the Fridge could put your health at risk. Every heard of acrylamide? Me neither..but it's bad stuff! Scientists have known for years that acrylamide is capable of causing nerve damage in humans, including muscle weakness and impaired muscle coordination. Studies have shown that not refrigerating potatoes and decrea-sing cooking time to avoid browning, can reduce acrylamide content. So play it safe and go with the American Cancer Society’s recommendation for your spuds: Keep them out of the fridge, store them in a cool, dry place, such as a cabinet or pantry, and just cook them lightly.

$5,000 Savings GUARANTEED : www.searchhomesingilbertaz.com 

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Get a loan pre-approved & obtain the Best Rates & Lowest Closing Costs. 
To get started, simply call or text us at (602) 799-7099 or (480) 734-8781 today to discuss. We will connect you with a certified mortgage professional who can assist you in locating the absolute best mortgage rate and lowest closing costs possible.

To get started, simply call or text us at (602) 799-7099 or (480) 734-8781 today to discuss. We will connect you with a certified mortgage professional who can assist you in locating the absolute best mortgage rate and lowest closing costs possible.




Are You Storing Potential Earnings?

On average, most Americans have over 300,000 items, and 1 in 4 Americans have a clutter problem! Research for Huffington Post found that 84 percent of Americans worry that their homes aren’t organized enough and it’s a big cause of stress. Maybe it's time to declutter AND destress!

Make $ With Your Clutter

Now that you’re aware of how much stuff is in your home why not take the opportunity to sell a few things? You don’t even have to leave your home!

-List items for sale on Facebook Marketplace, the Nextdoor app, or Craigslist.org (search online for any of these and how to use each).

-Arrange for a porch/front door pickup (or, meet in a public place).

-Leave the item outside and ask the buyer to pay you electronically or place the money in your mailbox.

Self-Improvement Websites

These sites help keep you  motivated while you learn something new.

 www.greatist.com – Here you’ll find articles on fitness, nutrition, relationships, and mental health.

www.thoughtcatalog.com – This website is full of inspirational stories and a community of people engaged in sharing their ideas and experiences of self-improvement.

www.lifehacker.com – A site full of practical hacks, knowledge, and self-improvement tips. 

 Buy Appliances That Last


    Appliances aren’t made to be as durable as they used to be. Changes in manufacturing have led to cheaper parts being used, and this applies to dishwashers, refrigerators, clothes washers and dryers. Products also have more electronic systems, increasing the risk that more parts will fail. Here are tips on how to pick an appliance that lasts: 

  • Choose a well-known brand that has inexpensive replacement parts: Whirlpool, Electrolux, KitchenAid, Maytag, and Frigidaire.
  • Consider how much you need all the extra gadgets on an appliance, and decide on important ones (maybe extra bins in the freezer instead of a Bluetooth connection).
  • Ensure you buy a surge protector to protect appliances from voltage spikes.
  • Avoid washers with digital displays – they are expensive to replace.
  • Consider the brand Speed Queen for laundry: Consumer Reports say these washers and dryers are made to last and rank highly in reliability scores.

 Things to Consider When Buying a Home

        The process of buying a home can be overwhelming at times, but you don’t need to go through it alone.

         You may be wondering if now is a good time to buy a home... or if interest rates are projected to rise or fall. 


      We put together a free e-Guide for you that will answer many of your questions and likely bring up a few things you haven't even thought about yet. 

      If you want to know more, let’s connect today so you can feel confident making a decision about your next home. 


- - - - - - Call or text Austin at 480-734-8781 or Lynn at 602-799-7099. - - - - - - 


See The 10 Best Buys List : www.EastValleyBestBuysHotList.com  


        Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to our real estate sales team?  Not only will they benefit from our award winning service, but we donate a substantial portion of our income on every home sale to the House of Refuge.
      It’s easy to refer your friends, neighbors, associates or family members considering making a move. Simply complete the form on our website or you can call us directly at (480) 734-8781. 

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Did You Know?

Bubble wrap is a great stress reliever and packaging item, but was actually invented as wallpaper. Engineers Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes invented bubble wrap in 1957, by accident. They were trying to develop textured wallpaper by sealing two shower curtains together and trapping air bubbles. In 1960 they founded Sealed Air Corp and a year later began using it as packaging material.

Handy Homebuyers

It would be great if the expenses stopped at the down payment, but you can tackle many projects yourself with these handy tools (they make good housewarming gifts, too):

- Snake for unblocking drains
- Flashlight
- Plunger for blocked toilet(s)
- Safety goggles
- Stud finder
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Where Are Home Values Headed Over the 
Next 12 Months?

      As shelter-in-place orders were implemented earlier this year, many questioned what the shutdown would mean to the real estate market. Specifically, there was concern about home values. After years of rising home prices, would 2020 be the year this appreciation trend would come to a screeching halt? Even worse, would home values begin to depreciate?

     Original forecasts modeled this uncertainty, and they ranged anywhere from home values gaining 3% (Zelman & Associates) to home values depreciating by more than 6% (CoreLogic).

      However, as the year unfolded, it became clear that there would be little negative impact on the housing market. As Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American, recently revealed:


“The only major industry to display immunity to the economic impacts of the coronavirus is the housing market.”


 Have prices continued to appreciate so far this year? 


“Between May & July 2020, national prices increased by over 2%, which represents  the largest two-month price increase observed since the start of the index in 1991.”


What are the experts forecasting for home prices going forward? 


     Since the market has changed dramatically over the last few months, this graph shows forecasts that have been published since September 1st. 

Where Are Home Values Headed Over the Next 12 Months? | MyKCM

Bottom Line

    The numbers show that home values have weathered the storm of the pandemic.

          Let’s connect! Call us at 602-799-7099 or 480-734-8781 if you want to know what your home is currently worth and how that may enable you to make a move this year.


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